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villaraigosa from los angeles said they had two-thirds. a lot of people in this hall didn't think so. >> he was in a tough spot. let's bring in our panel, steve hayez, joe trippi and eben britton. as -- and brit hume. brit, your thoughts? >> i thought it was a difficult day for this convention, which you know, it was clear yesterday that they didn't have -- kind of a rocky beginning before last night. and, you know, they had the problems with the platform and they had the problems, answering the question, are you better off and the president had given himself an incomplete, all suggesting that rust might be on the machine. and then this scene out here today, when they tried to fix that, they had three boys voices if you are going to declare it passed, why not diclair it on the first try? i felt badly for mayor villaraigosa up there. like a deer in the headline lights. he had a woman tell him over his shoulder, you have to let them do what they are going to do. i think this is sandra fluke. >> we will listen in. she is an advocate for reproductive rights, came to national prominenc
convention, los angeles mayor, antonio villaraigosa. >> pursuant to our nominating rule, only one candidate has qualified to be the nominee of our party for president of the united states. [cheering] our next speaker will place before you, that nomination. >> unemployment in june was the highist since 1994. >> the u.s. economy has been in a recession. >> 10 million americans still officially unemployed. >> there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured by what is right with america! [cheers and applause] we believe that invest and grow economics is better than trickle-down economics. we have got to go beyond the braip-dead politics in washington and give our people the kind of government they deserve, a government that works for them! don't stop believing in tomorrow. >> after years of hard work, the longest economic expansion in history, we proved that we could find a way to balance the budget and protect our values. we have lots of evidence that presidents who focus on the middle class get better results. i personally believe if the mrch people give you the honor of serving, sho
but there sit. >> we listen to the chairman of the convention, los angeles mayor close out the proceedings, the democratic national convention closed. your thoughts on tonight? >> well it was well delivered and the crowd here loved it. they were into it. everybody was into it here in the hall. i thought if you strip that away, and read the text it was ordinary and mostly small. felt to me like an extended state of the union more than it did a big acceptance sneech a national convention for a president trying for a second term. i thought when he tried to go big, when he went beyond goals we've talked about, talked about debt commission it was miss leading and this president hasn't done anything on entitlement and debt despite saying early in the term he was going to. i think that is going to be a problem for him as he tries to convince the country he's worthy of a second term. have you to make good on promises on the first term if you want the second term. i think in that instance he fell short tonight. >> ask our ppbl, -- panel, thank you very much. rbi mitt romney giving his rebuff. >> we
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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